1 January 2018: That was the year that was

New LP coming in 2018

2017 was a red-letter year for christopher rye: the ‘Night Machines’ LP was released in August, with several tracks receiving airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC local radio, Radio Reverb, Latest TV, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, christopher’s YouTube channel – where official promos rubbed shoulders with eight specially made album teasers – received over 100,000 views. christopher also launched his own Facebook page, left the band Yeah! (taking his music with him and getting it onto national radio 😉 ), and started a new band (featuring christopher on lead guitar and backing vocals), which will debut in 2018.

Up next in 2018: a brand new rye album, ‘Scream at the Sea’ (click on image to see high-res artwork of the cover), together with gigs and studio recordings with the new band. Plus the vinyl and USB cassette versions of ‘Night Machines’.

Best wishes from everyone at!

18 August 2017: ‘Shivers’ promo

17 August 2017: New album now available!

christopher rye’s new album, ‘Night Machines’, is now available from , Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and other major outlets. And from our online store.

The album was written, performed, and produced by christopher at his own Disreputable Gentleman’s Club studio in Brighton, UK, with tracks mastered at The Sound Lab, NJ, US. It features guest vocals from Emily Swift Jones, Julia Garofalo, and Charley Thearoux.

The album will also be available in ultra-limited-edition physical formats from September 2017 (numbers tbc): vinyl; purple mini-vinyl gatefold CD; and an archive edition on USB cassette (a cassette shell with flip-out USB). The archive version includes outtakes, bonus tracks, and six HD videos, including two exclusive to this physical release.

See the new album page for more.

8 May 2017: More radio play

christopher’s album opener ‘Et tu, Babe?’ was also the opener for the Kairen Kemp show on Brighton’s Radio Reverb yesterday, continuing the recent run of radio plays for rye tunes. Community station Radio Reverb is the official partner of the Brighton Festival, which is on in the city until the end of May and is being curated this year by the amazing Kate Tempest. Kairen, meanwhile, is a key figure on the Brighton music scene as a publicist and broadcaster. Thanks, Kairen!

26 April 2017: Et tu, Babe? and Splinter Cell out now

christopher’s ‘Et tu, Babe?’ and ‘Splinter Cell’ are now both available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, and most digital outlets worldwide, and to stream on Spotify, Pandora, etc. The tracks can also be purchased via our online store.

The official videos for both tracks are on christopher’s YouTube channel – and on the Videos page of, of course.

The completed ‘Night Machines’ LP will be available for download soon, and there will be a limited edition physical release during the summer, on both vinyl and CD.

21 April 2017: Et tu, Babe?, Drive Time, and Facebook

BBC Introducing featured christopher’s ‘Beat-up Car’ on Drive Time yesterday on BBC Radio Sussex and Radio Surrey.

christopher has remastered several of his official promos, with final album audio, which replace the originals on the Videos page of this site, and they’re now on the YouTube channel, too.

christopher has also opened a new Facebook page – please Like the page if you’re on there. 🙂

But the big news (well, as big as growing radio plays), is the release of ‘Et tu, Babe?’ into the wild. The track which has long been christopher’s signature tune and set opener is now officially released in its remastered 2017 form, with a promo to match.

Watch the video on the Videos page. The track will be released to iTunes next week.

20 April 2017: BBC radio plays and new online shop

christopher’s new single, ‘Beat-up Car’, will be featured at 4.40pm today in the BBC Introducing slot on the Drive-time show on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey – hopefully leading to more airplay and national exposure.

As of today, ‘Beat-up Car’, ‘Alive! He Cried’, and ‘My Night Machine’ should all be available from iTunes and from all good digital download and streaming services.

If you can’t find them elsewhere, you can also buy the tracks from our new online store, which will soon feature all of the tracks from the forthcoming ‘Night Machines’ album:

18 April 2017: Airplay and digital releases

More good news: christopher’s ‘Beat-up Car’ will be played again on the BBC Introducing slot on Drive Time on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey, at 4.40pm on Thursday 20 April.

christopher is releasing the track through all major digital services shortly (stand by for release date – hopefully it will coincide with the airplay), along with several of the other finished songs that are in the new ‘Mastered studio recordings’ section of the Jukebox on this site. ‘Alive! He Cried’ will be available to buy alongside ‘Beat-up Car’, followed by the others in due course.

Once another three or four tracks have been added to the Mastered Tracks list, christopher will be putting out the complete ‘Night Machines’ LP digitally, followed by a CD and (we hope) a limited vinyl release. Stand by for more details.

12 April 2017: More airplay

Good news: christopher rye’s new track ‘Beat-up Car’ has been selected as BBC Introducing’s Track of the Day on the Drive Time show on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey, this Friday, 14th April. Prominent airplay at a peak listening time is a promising development, so hopefully the track will be picked up by BBC Introducing nationally. Stand by for more news.

9 April 2017: New songs, ahoy

From ‘Alive! He Cried’.

christopher has released three new songs, ‘Beat-up Car’, ‘Alive! He Cried’, and ‘I Am the Voices’, reclaiming three original music compositions he wrote, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced under the band name Yeah!.

The new tracks are on the Jukebox, while the videos (christopher also conceived, edited, and produced both the original and the new promos) are on the Videos page. The tracks will all feature on christopher’s forthcoming ‘Night Machines’ album.

• christopher has asked the band to take down his work and videos from their pages (and has forbidden them to use the music), but the material remains the only content on their YouTube page at the time of writing – presumably because they don’t have any studio recordings or videos of their own to share for publicity purposes, or to get gigs.

8 March 2017: Yeah, but no.

christopher has left upcoming Brighton band Yeah!, after co-founding the group (as Averlanche) in December 2015. christopher will now be focusing on his solo projects and session work.

With Yeah!, christopher composed, arranged, and recorded the music for most of the band’s songs, including those featured in all of the band’s videos and studio recordings to date, including ‘For Your Love’, ‘The Blues Will Set Me Free’, ‘Chaos’, and ‘PotHeads’. He also produced the recordings and conceived, edited, and produced the videos.

christopher was the main driver behind the band’s formation, and also came up with the name.

13 February 2017

Yeah!, featuring christopher rye on lead guitar, played a ‘live lounge’ style set at Brighton University’s Hive bar on Friday 10 February, in support of mental health charity, SANE.

Meanwhile, christopher’s ‘Splinter Cell’ video is being featured in the February edition of the Noise Reel TV show, shown three times a week on the Latest TV channel (Freeview #7, Virgin #159, in Sussex. A short clip appears at the beginning of the show, with the video itself kicking in about 11 minutes into the broadcast.

You can watch it here:

4 February 2017

Splinter Cell promo

The video for ‘christopher rye: Splinter Cell’ will be broadcast this month on the Noise Reel TV show. Noise Reel is shown three times a week on the Latest TV channel (Freeview #7, Virgin #159, in Sussex.

Yeah!, the Brighton band for whom christopher plays lead guitar, will be playing an Unplugged-style set on Friday 10 February at Brighton University’s Hive bar, on a bill with other local bands. The night is in support of mental health charity, SANE. More details on the band’s Facebook page.

The performance will feature seven tracks, performed by Vincent Adeniyi (lead vocals), christopher rye (lead guitar, vocals) and Jack Cleary (guitar, vocals).

January 2017

Night Machines cover

christopher is hard at work ploughing through the 95 (!) demos and unfinished recordings that he’s stockpiled over the past couple of years, to put together a complete set of new material for the ‘Night Machines’ LP. The aim then is to get some of the tracks onto BBC6music, the station which (through DJ Tom Robinson) has supported christopher’s music in the past (most notably the songs ‘Rainy Night Sunday’ and ‘Big Sky Keep Turning’, both of which Tom championed on air).

In the meantime, christopher has picked up several hundred new listeners on Soundcloud in recent months, along with several thousand views for some of his recent videos. One, ‘Splinter Cell’, is set for UK TV broadcast shortly: stand by for details!

The new line-up of Brighton band Yeah!, featuring christopher on lead guitar alongside Vincent Adeniyi (vocals), Jack Cleary (rhythm guitar/keys), Gilbert Jag (bass), and Nathan Lornie (drums) will be gigging from February onwards: again, stand by for dates and venues. A new website for the band will launch shortly.

Yeah! already have more than 1,000 followers on Facebook, and their videos (conceived and edited by christopher) are getting noticed on YouTube.

christopher is also producing an EP for Brighton singer/songwriter Vi Vi Stone. None of the tracks have been heard outside of christopher’s studio, yet, but there will be a video for lead song ‘Hearts’ – hopefully in the Spring.

2016 round-up


christopher is preparing a new album, ‘Night Machines’, for release in 2017. Watch the promo for the first single, ‘Splinter Cell’, on the Videos page, and below. Promos and audio-only videos for many of the tracks will be published on YouTube from the end of 2016 and into 2017.

So far, christopher has about 20 finished recordings for the album, and 95 unfinished/in-progress songs! So the selection process may take some time. 🙂

christopher joined Brighton band Yeah! ( in 2016, as co-writer, lead guitarist, and producer, alongside singer/songwriter Vincent Adeniyi and guest musicians. christopher also plays keyboards on several of the band’s tracks, including ‘For Your Love’, ‘Chaos’, ‘The Blues Will Set Me Free’, and ‘PotHeads’. Videos for several Yeah! tracks can be found on the Videos page on this site.

Both christopher and Yeah! will be gigging in Brighton in 2017. Stand by for updates.

christopher is working with a number of bands and performers in Brighton, and has produced two tracks for Brighton singer/songwriter Vi Vi Stone – ‘Hearts’ and ‘Play with Sticks’ – which will debut in 2017.

For the first six months of 2016, christopher played guitar with punk band The Factions – alongside fellow guitarist Phil Garner. The band gigged regularly along the south coast to great reviews. Then, in true punk spirit, they broke up :-).