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September 2023: Space Angel debut album! News + live dates

Space Angel, featuring christopher rye on lead vocals, lead guitars, and additional keys, became a quartet this summer, with the addition of Italian multi-instrumentalist Alfonso Cavassa on keyboards, joining Allan Wiseman (bass, additional guitar, vocals) and Fabio Sclafani (drums, vocals).

The band’s debut album, ‘You Are Next’, was released on 8 September, on all digital channels. Links to every channel, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple, et al, are available at dedicated webpage

The album is also available on limited-edition transparent red vinyl, limited edition red vinyl-effect CD (in a beautiful gatefold sleeve), and red printed cassette, from Bandcamp.

Most of the album was recorded, old-school style, in just two days, at Brighton Road Recording Studios. A handful of overdubs were recorded separately at Brighton Road, and at christopher’s The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club studio.

‘You Are Next’ is the first release on christopher’s A Disreputable Gentleman label (aka DisRep).

Debut single ‘Kites (for Joanna)’ has received airplay on Radio Reverb, and the Facebook-native version of the video has already notched up 6,500 views, just a week after launch. It is also available on Apple Music.

The band will be returning to the stage – with smoke, lights, and lasers – on 20 October 2023 at new Brighton venue, The Annunciation Ballroom.

Summer 2022: More Space Angel live dates!

Brighton’s space rock trio, led by christopher rye on lead guitar and vocals, returned to the Lewes Road Inn, Brighton, on Wednesday 11 May and Hove’s Lion & Lobster on Friday 17 June.

More dates will follow in August and September.

In July the band will be filming their live set on a big stage with their full light show – date tbc.

The trio have added a synth and vocoder to their stage equipment.

christopher has also been experimenting with LED masks, projectors, and other effects. (Space Angel are looking for ways to make small-venue gigs more visually engaging).

• The band’s earlier shows in March saw the debut of the leaner, three-piece line-up, featuring christopher, Allan Wiseman (moving from guitar to bass), and Sicilian rhythm maestro Fabio Sclafani replacing Jordan Bedeau on drums. Former bass man Harvey Mitchell is now managing the band.

• christopher is back at work in his seafront studio on songs for his solo album, due out later this year.

05 March 2022: Space Angel live

After a storming headline set at the Lewes Road Inn on 2 March, Space Angel will be live at Hove’s Lion & Lobster on Friday 18 March.

The 2 March show was the debut of the new three-piece line-up, featuring christopher on lead guitar and vocals, Allan Wiseman moving from guitar to bass, and Sicilian rhythm maestro Fabio Sclafani replacing Jordan Bedeau on drums.

It was also Space Angel’s first live appearance since the band played at Brighton’s legendary Prince Albert the week before lockdown #1 in 2020 – two years ago almost to the day.

As with the 2 March gig, the show on the 18th will feature the full electric band on a bill with solo acts and an open mic. Stand by for news of bigger shows in the months ahead – apocalypse permitting. Stay safe, everyone. xx

19 February 2022: Live dates for Space Angel!

Space Angel, the Brighton space-rock band co-fronted by christopher rye, are returning to the live stage in March.

The gigs in Brighton and Hove will be the first since the band played at Brighton’s legendary Prince Albert in March 2020, just a week before lockdown.

The shows will debut the new line-up of christopher rye (guitars, vocals), Allan Wiseman (bass, vocals) and Fabio Sclafani (drums), and feature new material.

Sicilian drummer Fabio, who also plays with Hybrid Kid, replaced Jordan Bedeau in Autumn 2021, when Allan moved from guitar to bass (replacing Harvey Mitchell). Jordan and Harv remain good friends of the band.

Space Angel will be topping the bill on 2 March at the Lewes Road Inn, Brighton, and 18 March at the Lion & Lobster, Hove.

• Meanwhile christopher is hard at work on his forthcoming solo album, ‘Unnatural Blonde’. It features the next single ‘Sway’, backed by album track ‘Come With Me’. Both songs will feature beautiful promos.

6 February 2022: ‘I Am Other’ on Radio Reverb + Space Angel live

Following the success of christopher’s single ‘I Am Other‘ on broadcaster/musician Tom Robinson’s final FreshOnTheNet selection for 2021 (see below), the song was featured on Kairen Kemp’s Radio Reverb show today (Sunday 6 February), on FM, DAB, and online.

It opened the show with a bang. Listen again here:

Broadcast at 3pm on the first Sunday of every month online and on 97.2FM in Brighton, Kairen’s show is repeated the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Meanwhile, christopher is hard at work in his Disreputable Gentleman’s Club seafront studio, putting the finishing touches to his album, ‘Unnatural Blonde’, which will be out in the early Summer.

• A new single ‘Sway’ (coupled with album track ‘Come With Me’) will be released soon (date tbc), accompanied by two beautiful films. See the cover artwork below.

• Meanwhile in March, Brighton space rock trio Space Angel – fronted by christopher with Allan Wiseman (bass, vocals) and Fabio Sclafani (drums) – will be playing their first gigs since lockdown #1 in 2020.

3 January 2022: ‘Interstate 678 (alt mix)’ finally available

Happy new year! Album track ‘Interstate 678 (alt mix)’ is now available on all digital channels, including Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. (The song was due out on 10 December, but was delayed at christopher’s distributor, pushing it into the Christmas holidays.)

The track was slated for release alongside ‘I Am Other‘ , the christopher rye single that was one of 6music broadcaster and musician Tom Robinson’s final five FreshOnTheNet selections for 2021 (see story below).

‘Interstate 678 (alt mix)’ is accompanied by a stunning black and white movie, ‘Truck Driver’, which you can watch below.

• christopher is now hard at work in his new studio completing his forthcoming 12-song album, ‘Unnatural Blonde’ (date tbc), with the tracks ‘Sway’, ‘Fifth Avenue’, ‘Come with Me’, ‘Bring Love to Me!’, and ‘Road Rider 4’ slated for single release and videos in the weeks ahead.

21 December 2021: ‘I Am Other’ on FreshOnTheNet!

Last weekend, christopher’s new single ‘I Am Other‘ was shortlisted with 24 other songs on BBC 6music broadcaster and musician Tom Robinson’s final FreshOnTheNet selection for 2021 (link below). The shortlist was chosen from 200 submissions to the site.

The track was voted in the top five favourites on the playlist by 20 percent of listeners who left public comments – including Tom Robinson himself!

Tom has supported two of christopher’s songs in the past with airplay on BBC6music (‘Rainy Night Sunday’ and ‘Big Sky! Keep Turning’), while a third (‘Beat-up Car’ off Christopher’s album ‘Night Machines’) was featured on BBC Introducing in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Nolan-esque promo for ‘I Am Other’ is picking up views on YouTube HERE.

Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, healthy new year from christopher rye. Let’s hope 2022 is better for us all. See you in the New Year, with more new singles and the album launch, plus (Covid permitting) gigs from the new line-up of Space Angel.

10 December 2021: I Am Other (single)

christopher has released the second single from his forthcoming 2022 album.

‘I Am Other’, featuring Orla Riot, was recorded in christopher’s new studio in Brighton, UK (The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club). Like all tracks on the album it was mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

The song was inspired by a bizarre, drunken (possibly drug-fuelled) argument between a Wall Street banker and his wife, which christopher overheard on a visit to New York. The lyrics are partly taken from that fight, which was so extreme Christopher made a note of it. Finding the words later in a journal, he made them rhyme and set them to music.

“I have no idea what the fight was about, but they seemed to hate everything about each other. ‘I’m not a box on your f***ing spreadsheet sweetie! I’m NONE OF THE ABOVE.’ And so on. Then they went off arm in arm.”

The single comes with a surreal, Christopher Nolan-esque video, which you can watch below.

9 December 2021: Interstate 678 (alt mix)

Christopher will be releasing album track ‘Interstate 678 (alt mix)’ as a bonus song with his new single, ‘I Am Other’.

Both tracks are due out on 10 December on all digital channels, including Amazon, Spotify, and Apple.

‘Interstate 678’ comes with a beautiful B&W movie (‘Truck Driver’), which you can watch below. As with all tracks on the forthcoming album ‘Unnatural Blonde’ (2022), the song was mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

Christopher says, “It’s a love song of sorts, from a criminal to the cop who used to chase him. He yearns for the old days, for the old certainties. He’s on a final job on Interstate 678 in New York – the Van Wyck Expressway, the road out of JFK through Queens and into Manhattan.

“The film tells the same story, but it’s about the damage that a certain type of macho guy does: to the world, to others. In the film, his partner is a prisoner, their child is locked in the truck, and he’s barging cars off the road as he heads into the city. But to do what? Let’s hope we never find out.”

Watch the movie below.

Halloween: NightShips (movie)

Especially for Halloween, christopher has released a movie for his album track ‘NightShips’, in which the storyteller summons an angel to sing a note so pure it turns back time and sweeps away the forces of darkness that are burning up the planet…

The song, which has not been released as a single, will be one of 11 on christopher’s forthcoming 2022 album ‘Unnatural Blonde’ (date tbc). Watch the stunning video on YouTube below.

October 2021: New single and videos!

Christopher has released ‘The Other Side’, the first single from his forthcoming solo album, ‘Unnatural Blonde’.

The track is out NOW on Spotify, Apple Music (click image), Amazon, and other major digital channels.

It was written, performed, and produced by christopher in his new studio, The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club, and mastered by Christian Wright at London’s legendary Abbey Road.

The track is accompanied by an autobiographical B&W movie, ‘Goodbye Spaceboy’, below.

• Also out now is Space Angel’s live single and video, ‘The Invisible Man’, written by christopher. GO HERE to hear that.

September 2021: New studio, new solo albums, new Space Angel EP incoming!

This summer, christopher has been working on several major projects: first, upgrading his seafront home studio, The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club, into a 48-track analog and digital facility, with unlimited virtual tracks in Logic, Ableton, Reason, and more – plus huge sound libraries and new hardware.

That project is now complete, and christopher is hard at work on the first of two solo albums, written in the upgraded studio. Called ‘Unnatural Blonde’, the 11-song LP will be out early in 2022 and feature a radical change in direction in terms of sound and production quality.

christopher will then start work on a second, more guitar-led collection, Shopworn Angel, also due for release next year.

In the meantime, christopher’s band, Brighton three-piece Space Angel, will soon be releasing an extended live EP, called Soyuz is Leaving, featuring highlights from the band’s live set. The first single, The Invisible Man (live), is out NOW, followed by the rest of the EP later this year.

The set was recorded and videoed live onstage at Brighton Electric Studios on 31 July 2021, with the set mixed and post-produced at christopher’s studio.

March 2021: Look Down, Angel – and more

“In lockdown, composer Ming Quay wrote a piano elegy for what has happened to our planet, and sent it to an old friend. On the other side of the world, christopher rye responded, on a guitar he had built from the broken pieces of old, unwanted instruments…

“But as the piece was completed, christopher lost his brother to Covid, in Africa. This film is dedicated to him, and to anyone who has lost someone or is struggling to cope. The music is out now on all digital channels.”

Watch the beautiful promo, below.

• In other news, many thanks to Lucas Gil, presenter of the Supernova show on GlitterBeam Radio UK – one of the biggest online radio stations, with a global LGBTQ+ and indie music audience – for supporting the Maurice Bird & christopher rye track, ‘Hider in the Heart’.

Lucas featured the song on his 14 March show, which you can find archived here: (as well as on the GlitterBeam site).

Thanks for your kind words about the track and christopher’s work, Lucas. We love the show: always a source of great, independent, left-field music.

• Meanwhile, christopher has spent much of March upgrading his Brighton studio, The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club, into a 48-track analog recording facility with the finest sea view in town, out over the pier. Plus the ability to record into Logic, ProTools, Reason, and Ableton, or direct to hard disk.

Once lockdown is over and the economy has opened up again, christopher plans to start renting out the studio and offering production and session guitar services from it. Stand by for more details and a new website.

February 2021: Hider in the Heart – out now

Hider in the Heart, released 15 February, is the downtempo, Bondian single from a new collaboration between christopher rye (vocals, guitars) and Brighton electronica producer Maurice Bird (Mange le Funk, BeatHaven).

The dark, atmospheric track is accompanied by a short film, Closed Captions, in which the unknown writer of the video captions turns out to be the person the song is about… and has a rather different story to the singer’s.

Two people locked in a dark embrace, unable to escape each other; a horror movie in text form…

February 2021: The Film of My Life out now

Click to stream

The Film of My Life, the second single from Brighton four-piece Space Angel (featuring christopher on lead guitars and vocals), is out now on all digital channels.

The track is accompanied by a spectacular promo, subtitled ‘To an astronaut, every kiss is a dream’: a celebration of live music, stage performers, bands, and musicians everywhere.

Check it out here:

January 2021: New Space Angel single

Click to preview

Brighton band Space Angel (featuring christopher on lead guitars and vocals) is releasing a new single, The Film of My Life, on 8 February.

The barnstorming, sub-three-minute rock song – the follow-up to debut It Must Have Been Tuesday – was written and produced in lockdown #3 by christopher.

The song will be accompanied by a stunning cinematic promo, entitled To an astronaut, every kiss is a dream. More details soon.

Also see the Space Angel gallery.

January 2021: Hider in the Heart single

Click to preview

christopher is releasing a new solo single, Hider in the Heart – available in Single Edit and extended BeatHaven & instrumental mixes – on 15 February 2021 (postponed from 14 January by COVID delays).

The Bondian, atmospheric, downtempo track is a collaboration with Brighton-based dance producer Maurice Bird (Mange le Funk, BeatHaven studio). A short film, Closed Captions, will be released at the same time to accompany the song.

• christopher is collaborating on other releases with Maurice, and is also working on a number of songs with Australia-based composer and pianist Ming Quay.

The first fruit of the latter collaboration will be the beautiful instrumental, ‘Look Down, Angel’, together with a short film. These will be released on 1 March 2021.

November 2020: Update

christopher is hard at work on Shopworn Angel (formerly Lockdown Angel), the guitar-based solo album of new songs and band demos he has written during the pandemic. The new collection should be released in Spring 2021.

Meanwhile, Space Angel’s promo for debut single It Must Have Been Tuesday (written by christopher) is picking up four-figure views on YouTube, with the track itself doing well on digital channels and Soundcloud.

The band – featuring christopher on guitar and vocals – hopes to be gigging in the new year, subject to restrictions and social distancing rules. London’s Amersham Arms may see Space Angel’s first gig since being one of the last bands to play at Brighton’s legendary Prince Albert just before the first lockdown began in March. Stand by for news.

Space Angel will be heading back into the studio soon to work on their debut EP, the first version of which was abandoned during the pandemic.

October 2020: It Must Have Been Tuesday –Space Angel’s debut single & video

Space Angel – the Brighton space-rock band that features christopher on vocals and lead guitar – has released its debut single, It Must Have Been Tuesday. The song is out now on all digital streaming and download platforms worldwide, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora.

Click the image to preview the song.

Written and co-produced by christopher, and featuring a Gilmour-eseque guitar solo at its centre, the track is accompanied by a spectacular video, with a masked christopher wielding a strobe light (watch it, below).

The promo was shot at Brighton Electric studios in October. The song is dedicated to a friend of christopher’s who passed away during the pandemic, and to everyone who is struggling to cope in the crisis – especially fellow musicians. The rest of a planned four-track EP was scrapped by the band during lockdown.

• In other news, christopher wrote a whole new album’s worth of material during lockdown. The guitar-focused set is being recorded at the moment, and will be released as ‘Lockdown Angel’ early in 2021.

Space Angel gallery

July 2020: The Boy from Tupelo (single)

Click to preview the track

christopher has announced the release of a new single, ‘The Boy from Tupelo’, which is out now on all digital streaming and download platforms worldwide, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

Click the image to preview the song.

One of eight new songs written and recorded solo in lockdown for his band Space Angel – in the same spacey, psychedelic rock style – the song was recorded using a vintage Fender Stratocaster that christopher built from parts acquired online as a lockdown project.

A video, featuring two dancers in a theatre abandoned because of lockdown will be released soon. 

• Meanwhile, Space Angel’s first official releases, ‘It Must Have Been Tuesday‘ and ‘Boris Bike to Yemen‘, from their forthcoming debut EP (title tbc), are being mixed and mastered now by producer Sam Ruthen. Stand by for news on those here and at the band’s Facebook page.

March 2020: Space Angel

After a long silence, christopher has re-appeared as singer, lead guitarist, and co-writer of up-and-coming Brighton band, Space Angel – currently finishing work on their debut EP.

The band has been described as sounding like a collision of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Roxy Music, and The Beatles, with an ambient, psychedelic sound, big melodies, heavy beats, and the twin guitars of christopher and co-frontman Allan Wiseman. Jordan Bedeau (drums) and Harvey Mitchell (bass) complete the lineup.

Space Angel have been gigging in Brighton, with recent headline sets at popular venues the Prince Albert, the Brunswick, and the Beesmouth.

More news on the EP when it is released.

• christopher’s solo album ‘Scream at the Sea’ remains an ongoing project, written and partially recorded, but his focus has been on writing, performing, and recording with the band, which was formed last year. He has also been playing with other local bands and musicians.

Space Angel’s set features a number of christopher’s songs, including ‘The Invisible Man’, ‘Til the Money’s Gone’, ‘It Must Have Been Tuesday’, and ‘Kemosabe’, two of which are on the band’s forthcoming EP.

Go to the Space Angel page for more.

1 January 2018: That was the year that was

New LP coming in 2018

2017 was a red-letter year for christopher rye: the ‘Night Machines’ LP was released in August, with several tracks receiving airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC local radio, Radio Reverb, Latest TV, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, christopher’s YouTube channel – where official promos rubbed shoulders with eight specially made album teasers – received over 100,000 views. christopher also launched his own Facebook page, left the band Yeah! (taking his music with him and getting it onto national radio 😉 ), and started a new band (featuring christopher on lead guitar and backing vocals), which will debut in 2018.

Up next in 2018: a brand new rye album, ‘Scream at the Sea’ (click on image to see high-res artwork of the cover), together with gigs and studio recordings with the new band. Plus the vinyl and USB cassette versions of ‘Night Machines’.

Best wishes from everyone at!

18 August 2017: ‘Shivers’ promo

17 August 2017: New album now available!

christopher rye’s new album, ‘Night Machines’, is now available from , Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and other major outlets. And from our online store.

The album was written, performed, and produced by christopher at his own Disreputable Gentleman’s Club studio in Brighton, UK, with tracks mastered at The Sound Lab, NJ, US. It features guest vocals from Emily Swift Jones, Julia Garofalo, and Charley Thearoux.

The album will also be available in ultra-limited-edition physical formats from September 2017 (numbers tbc): vinyl; purple mini-vinyl gatefold CD; and an archive edition on USB cassette (a cassette shell with flip-out USB). The archive version includes outtakes, bonus tracks, and six HD videos, including two exclusive to this physical release.

See the new album page for more.

8 May 2017: More radio play

christopher’s album opener ‘Et tu, Babe?’ was also the opener for the Kairen Kemp show on Brighton’s Radio Reverb yesterday, continuing the recent run of radio plays for rye tunes. Community station Radio Reverb is the official partner of the Brighton Festival, which is on in the city until the end of May and is being curated this year by the amazing Kate Tempest. Kairen, meanwhile, is a key figure on the Brighton music scene as a publicist and broadcaster. Thanks, Kairen!

26 April 2017: Et tu, Babe? and Splinter Cell out now

christopher’s ‘Et tu, Babe?’ and ‘Splinter Cell’ are now both available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, and most digital outlets worldwide, and to stream on Spotify, Pandora, etc. The tracks can also be purchased via our online store.

The official videos for both tracks are on christopher’s YouTube channel – and on the Videos page of, of course.

The completed ‘Night Machines’ LP will be available for download soon, and there will be a limited edition physical release during the summer, on both vinyl and CD.

21 April 2017: Et tu, Babe?, Drive Time, and Facebook

BBC Introducing featured christopher’s ‘Beat-up Car’ on Drive Time yesterday on BBC Radio Sussex and Radio Surrey.

christopher has remastered several of his official promos, with final album audio, which replace the originals on the Videos page of this site, and they’re now on the YouTube channel, too.

christopher has also opened a new Facebook page – please Like the page if you’re on there. 🙂

But the big news (well, as big as growing radio plays), is the release of ‘Et tu, Babe?’ into the wild. The track which has long been christopher’s signature tune and set opener is now officially released in its remastered 2017 form, with a promo to match.

Watch the video on the Videos page. The track will be released to iTunes next week.

20 April 2017: BBC radio plays and new online shop

christopher’s new single, ‘Beat-up Car’, will be featured at 4.40pm today in the BBC Introducing slot on the Drive-time show on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey – hopefully leading to more airplay and national exposure.

As of today, ‘Beat-up Car’, ‘Alive! He Cried’, and ‘My Night Machine’ should all be available from iTunes and from all good digital download and streaming services.

If you can’t find them elsewhere, you can also buy the tracks from our new online store, which will soon feature all of the tracks from the forthcoming ‘Night Machines’ album:

18 April 2017: Airplay and digital releases

More good news: christopher’s ‘Beat-up Car’ will be played again on the BBC Introducing slot on Drive Time on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey, at 4.40pm on Thursday 20 April.

christopher is releasing the track through all major digital services shortly (stand by for release date – hopefully it will coincide with the airplay), along with several of the other finished songs that are in the new ‘Mastered studio recordings’ section of the Jukebox on this site. ‘Alive! He Cried’ will be available to buy alongside ‘Beat-up Car’, followed by the others in due course.

Once another three or four tracks have been added to the Mastered Tracks list, christopher will be putting out the complete ‘Night Machines’ LP digitally, followed by a CD and (we hope) a limited vinyl release. Stand by for more details.

12 April 2017: More airplay

Good news: christopher rye’s new track ‘Beat-up Car’ has been selected as BBC Introducing’s Track of the Day on the Drive Time show on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey, this Friday, 14th April. Prominent airplay at a peak listening time is a promising development, so hopefully the track will be picked up by BBC Introducing nationally. Stand by for more news.

9 April 2017: New songs, ahoy

From ‘Alive! He Cried’.

christopher has released three new songs, ‘Beat-up Car’, ‘Alive! He Cried’, and ‘I Am the Voices’, reclaiming three original music compositions he wrote, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced under the band name Yeah!.

The new tracks are on the Jukebox, while the videos (christopher also conceived, edited, and produced both the original and the new promos) are on the Videos page. The tracks will all feature on christopher’s forthcoming ‘Night Machines’ album.

• christopher has asked the band to take down his work and videos from their pages (and has forbidden them to use the music), but the material remains the only content on their YouTube page at the time of writing – presumably because they don’t have any studio recordings or videos of their own to share for publicity purposes, or to get gigs.

8 March 2017: Yeah, but no.

christopher has left upcoming Brighton band Yeah!, after co-founding the group (as Averlanche) in December 2015. christopher will now be focusing on his solo projects and session work.

With Yeah!, christopher composed, arranged, and recorded the music for most of the band’s songs, including those featured in all of the band’s videos and studio recordings to date, including ‘For Your Love’, ‘The Blues Will Set Me Free’, ‘Chaos’, and ‘PotHeads’. He also produced the recordings and conceived, edited, and produced the videos.

christopher was the main driver behind the band’s formation, and also came up with the name.

13 February 2017

Yeah!, featuring christopher rye on lead guitar, played a ‘live lounge’ style set at Brighton University’s Hive bar on Friday 10 February, in support of mental health charity, SANE.

Meanwhile, christopher’s ‘Splinter Cell’ video is being featured in the February edition of the Noise Reel TV show, shown three times a week on the Latest TV channel (Freeview #7, Virgin #159, in Sussex. A short clip appears at the beginning of the show, with the video itself kicking in about 11 minutes into the broadcast.

You can watch it here:

4 February 2017

Splinter Cell promo

The video for ‘christopher rye: Splinter Cell’ will be broadcast this month on the Noise Reel TV show. Noise Reel is shown three times a week on the Latest TV channel (Freeview #7, Virgin #159, in Sussex.

Yeah!, the Brighton band for whom christopher plays lead guitar, will be playing an Unplugged-style set on Friday 10 February at Brighton University’s Hive bar, on a bill with other local bands. The night is in support of mental health charity, SANE. More details on the band’s Facebook page.

The performance will feature seven tracks, performed by Vincent Adeniyi (lead vocals), christopher rye (lead guitar, vocals) and Jack Cleary (guitar, vocals).

January 2017

Night Machines cover

christopher is hard at work ploughing through the 95 (!) demos and unfinished recordings that he’s stockpiled over the past couple of years, to put together a complete set of new material for the ‘Night Machines’ LP. The aim then is to get some of the tracks onto BBC6music, the station which (through DJ Tom Robinson) has supported christopher’s music in the past (most notably the songs ‘Rainy Night Sunday’ and ‘Big Sky Keep Turning’, both of which Tom championed on air).

In the meantime, christopher has picked up several hundred new listeners on Soundcloud in recent months, along with several thousand views for some of his recent videos. One, ‘Splinter Cell’, is set for UK TV broadcast shortly: stand by for details!

The new line-up of Brighton band Yeah!, featuring christopher on lead guitar alongside Vincent Adeniyi (vocals), Jack Cleary (rhythm guitar/keys), Gilbert Jag (bass), and Nathan Lornie (drums) will be gigging from February onwards: again, stand by for dates and venues. A new website for the band will launch shortly.

Yeah! already have more than 1,000 followers on Facebook, and their videos (conceived and edited by christopher) are getting noticed on YouTube.

christopher is also producing an EP for Brighton singer/songwriter Vi Vi Stone. None of the tracks have been heard outside of christopher’s studio, yet, but there will be a video for lead song ‘Hearts’ – hopefully in the Spring.

2016 round-up


christopher is preparing a new album, ‘Night Machines’, for release in 2017. Watch the promo for the first single, ‘Splinter Cell’, on the Videos page, and below. Promos and audio-only videos for many of the tracks will be published on YouTube from the end of 2016 and into 2017.

So far, christopher has about 20 finished recordings for the album, and 95 unfinished/in-progress songs! So the selection process may take some time. 🙂

christopher joined Brighton band Yeah! ( in 2016, as co-writer, lead guitarist, and producer, alongside singer/songwriter Vincent Adeniyi and guest musicians. christopher also plays keyboards on several of the band’s tracks, including ‘For Your Love’, ‘Chaos’, ‘The Blues Will Set Me Free’, and ‘PotHeads’. Videos for several Yeah! tracks can be found on the Videos page on this site.

Both christopher and Yeah! will be gigging in Brighton in 2017. Stand by for updates.

christopher is working with a number of bands and performers in Brighton, and has produced two tracks for Brighton singer/songwriter Vi Vi Stone – ‘Hearts’ and ‘Play with Sticks’ – which will debut in 2017.

For the first six months of 2016, christopher played guitar with punk band The Factions – alongside fellow guitarist Phil Garner. The band gigged regularly along the south coast to great reviews. Then, in true punk spirit, they broke up :-).