A selection of finished studio recordings, together with a handful of rough demos and sketches.
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Mastered studio recordings

Rough demos & sketches

Lead guitar showreel

All tracks written, performed, and produced by christopher rye (vocals; lead guitar; rhythm guitars; keyboards; bass; programming), except: ‘Love Come Along’ (vocals Charley Thearoux);’The Metal Detector’ (vocals by Emily Swift Jones); ‘I Am the Voices’ (bass guitar by Ben Francis); I Tell the Moon’ and ‘Shivers’ (guest vocals by Julia Fitness/Julia Garofalo); ‘Big Handful of Nothing’ (lyric, top line, and vocals by Lisa Abbott); ‘NightWalker (vocals by Martha Joy Evatt); ‘Oberammergau’ (performed by christopher rye vs. Taikonauts); and Countdown to Zero’ (christopher rye: music, main melody, lyric; Vincent Adeniyi: sung vocal, additional lyric/melody). © christopher rye (Chris Middleton) 2016 & 2017. All rights reserved.