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You Are Next (Space Angel debut LP) (2023)

Unnatural Blonde (2024)

Christopher Rye is releasing his new album, ‘Unnatural Blonde’, in February/March 2022 (final date tbc). The 11-song collection was written and recorded during 2020-21 lockdowns in christopher’s new Brighton UK studio, The Disreputable Gentleman’s Club.

The final track listing is: ‘Interstate 678 (alt mix)’; ‘Bring Love to Me!’; ‘The Other Side’; ‘Sway’; ‘Two Years in Hiroshima’; ‘Come with Me’; ‘I Am Other’; ‘Fifth Avenue’; ‘NightShips’; ‘I Fell in Love With a Ghost’; and ‘The Road Rider 4’. Nearly all of the album tracks will be released as singles, most with accompanying films.

Single releases will be: ‘The Other Side’ (out now as single/video); ‘I Am Other’ (single/video out now); ‘Interstate 678 – alt mix’ (bonus track with ‘I Am Other’, single/video out now); ‘NightShips’ (video out now); ‘Come With Me’ (January 2022); ‘Sway’ (tbc); ‘Bring Love to Me!’ (tbc); ‘Fifth Avenue’ (tbc); ‘Road Rider 4’ (tbc); and ‘Two Years in Hiroshima’ (tbc).

christopher is keen to work with innovative filmmakers and performers, both locally and internationally, to give the music a different kind of life on-screen.

Shopworn Angel (2022-23 tbc)

After the ‘Unnatural Blonde’ album is released, christopher is recording a collection of guitar-based songs, ‘Shopworn Angel’, many of them written in lockdown. The collection will include solo versions of songs written for his band Space Angel.

The final track listing is tbc, but is likely to include ‘Shortwave Radio’, ‘Sometimes the Sea Wants the City’; ‘Eliza Bone’; ‘It Must Have Been Tuesday’; ‘The Outside of Love’; ‘I’m Locked Down’; ‘Gin Palace’; ‘Kemosabe’, and others.

Scream at the Sea (tbc)

christopher rye’s planned album ‘Scream at the Sea’ – conceived as the original follow-up to ‘Night Machines’ – will, hopefully, appear at a future date.

Unreleased tracks written for the collection include: ‘Swim to Me’, ‘Scream at the Sea’, ‘Mr Harker’, ‘Live Like This’, ‘FireDancer’, ‘Sunday in Your Heart’, ‘Tokyo Boy’, ‘Demons to Angels’, ‘Black Motorcycle’, and ‘We’ll Go No More A-Roving’, which all exist as demos.

The tracks were demoed in christopher’s old studio, on old versions of software. When christopher overhauled and upgraded the studio in lockdown, he wrote a lot of new material, which forms his 2022 album ‘Unnatural Blonde’, plus further songs for his band Space Angel.

As a result ‘Scream At the Sea’ was set aside, but christopher plans to return to the material once he has found a way to port the work into his new setup!

Night Machines (2017)

“Music for outsiders set in the night streets of New York. Debut album from the BBC Introducing and BBC6music featured singer, songwriter, and producer, blending Roxy and Japan-style electronics with dance beats and Floydian guitars.” (CDBaby)

christopher rye’s album, ‘Night Machines’ – written, performed, and produced by christopher at his Disreputable Gentleman’s Club studio in Brighton, UK, and mastered at The Sound Lab, NJ, US – is available as a download or stream from all major digital outlets, including iTunes.

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